Hanley’s Fitness is the largest and most comprehensive personal and group based health and fitness provider on the Mornington Peninsula.

Hanley’s have been providing specialist training and nutritional advice for over 15 years.

The extensive range of programs combined with a professional, supportive and motivating team environment ensure you get the results you desire.



How cool would it be to train at a place where everyone knows your name, encourages you, teaches you how to use all of the different equipment and ALWAYS provides new sessions that are never the same, all under one massive roof??

For 16 years, Hanley’s Fitness have been helping people achieve amazing transformations in their health and fitness physical appearance and mental attitude.

Offering 25+ sessions every week, Hanley’s Fitness have you covered with everything from High Intensity Classes (H.I.I.T) to Bootcamp’s, from Circuit classes to Boxing, we also specialise in individual body parts like our Abs & Arse and Abs Only classes.


But running the best classes in the world means nothing if we can’t help you achieve the body and mind transformation you’re after, so take a moment now to check over our fantastic clients and their life changing transformations.

Some of our amazing results!